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Today are internal combustion engines, designed as piston engines, dominant in the automotive industry. No other technical principle prevailed so far. Neither the gas turbine or the Wankel engine have to break the dominance of the motor Kolbe.

Now, a new internal combustion engine was invented, which works on a completely new, simpler and cost-optimized principle, the so-called master-slave rotary engine. In a rotationally symmetrical interior, two, mounted on a circular path piston systems (blades) in the same direction to move with a different speed relative to each other. The combustion space is formed by a space between the two pistons and is defined by the surfaces of both pistons located to one another and the wall of the motor housing (see Figure). Both pistons (especially the rear piston) are in motion in the reverse direction and inhibited always move only in the forward direction.

The energy of the fuel or fuel is converted into mechanical work. The combusted in the combustor fuel-air mixture expands and drives both piston (or piston systems) above.


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